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Originally Posted by Nath View Post
Omg im going on vacation for a week in 4 weeks for the first time since I got Rocky and reading this scare me BUT my best friend will take care of my Rocky and she has experience with bird but I'm sorry to hear about what he went trough ☹️I would not be happy about that and I hope that everything will be back to normal for Snowy ...good luck [emoji847]

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Nathalie -- to give you some piece of mind... I had to go away for 4/5 days after having my budgie for about a month, and I had a neighbor friend who has owned budgies for a long time & has 3 now... check in on him daily... but he didn't get the same amount of attention that he normally would have. I bought a timer for lights and television, so that it was on during the day and would turn off at bedtime. ...He was totally fine. I was worried, but I chose to have a sitter check in on him vs. going to a boarding facility because I was nervous about him catching something from other birds. (That's probably paranoid, but that's what I decided to do. Also I thought it might be stressful for him to be around a lot of new birds since he's not used to it, etc.)

Anyhow... it worked out well, he was totally fine & happy. He gave me about a 5 min. cold shoulder upon my return, but when he actually noticed I was back he did happy chirping and head bobbing. ... I think your Rocky is going to be a-ok while your gone.

I hope Snowy is back to his old old self soon. ...!