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Default My budgie found me!

Hi everyone,

The other day, a white parakeet flew into the office where I work. The guys who work at my office wanted to put it back outside but I knew I had to take it home He/she seemed scared but was pretty gentle. I picked it up, put it in a box with some water, and ran to the petstore to buy some bird seed on my lunch. I work in a bad area that is all commercial, so I don't know where it could have possibly come from. I don't think I'll have luck finding his owners, and my daughter had some bird supplies already so I guess I have a new baby!
My daughter is a vet tech but doesn't know much about birds, so she referred me here! She was able to clip its wings and get him set up, and she printed me some instructions for taming, introducing fruits and veggies, as well as hazards and signs of health issues! She said he's young. I wanted to find out the sex, so I attached some pictures, hope they are good enough.
I was also hoping I could get some beginner tips. I really want him to be my little buddy, so I would like to know your recommendations for the best and fastest hand taming methods. I also am interested in the best way to introduce healthy veggies and anything else pertinent. I have set my thermostat to 75 for it per my daughter's recommendations. The cage is in my living room away from the a/c vent.
Also, should I get another one? Would it be relatively easy to introduce another one? I don't want it to be lonely, but I also want it to bond with me. I also don't want any babies, so I'm hoping I can get another of the same sex??
I have a lot to learn
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