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Thanks everyone for the tips! I hope he's healthy again soon.
I hard boiled an egg yesterday as per your suggestion aluz, crushed it and gave it to him, he's never been a huge fan though so hasn't touched it really... except the shell as he loves crunching on it haha.

When I get home from work tonight I will definitely try the electrolyte recipe, thanks so much for that.

As we speak he has joined me for breakfast as he usually does and is enjoying a piece of my wholemeal toast bit more forgiving of the mess he's making as I just want to see him eating haha

I'll keep monitoring him closely, at this stage I don't think I'll take him to an avian vet because I live in a regional town and they are far from easy to access ><

Will let you all know how he progresses.

Good luck and enjoy your holiday Nath rocky will be fine. Particularly if he's in the hands of someone you know! I would just suggest that as well as giving them a dot pointed list of what they need to do, show them exactly how to do the essentials like feeding. What seems easy and logical to someone who's had prior experience is not so straightforward to others without any experience.

Bath time!