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Originally Posted by StarlingWings View Post
I don't think that Biz would rather eat bark than pellets. Plus, in general, birds aren't predisposed to eat bark, even if they're hungry. It would be the equivalent of us taking a bite out of our wall when we ran out of food, which aside from the obvious issues with that, would not be overly nutritionally beneficial.

Sometimes when my girl is shredding a kabob or a perch I get pretty convinced that she's eating it, but she's probably ingested very little, if any, of it.

When I saw my girl eating pellets for the first time, I took away her seed entirely for two or three days so she would get accustomed to eating pellets consistently and then re-introduced seeds back into her diet afterwards. That seemed to work well for her because otherwise she just would never really get the feel for pellets since she ate all her seed first and then only picked at the seed. Perhaps that would work for Biz, too? He'll probably pout without his seed at first (Mallorn did ) but after a bit he'll get used to it.

I'm such a first time owner stressing about everything. You're right, it's just not what they do. I went in even closer on this and put him on the perch right in front of my face and I held my hand underneath to see how much of the bark was dropping. ... I think you're right.... (& everyone else in that thread before was right).... like a kabob..... he's just having a grand old time shredding it and destroying the branch. All the little flakes when into my hand, and when I offered him the flakes to eat them, he wasn't interested. So, since he doesn't have a kabob right now (although he has some other shredders but nothing as "soft" as this perch or kabobs...) I put it back in.

I'm lucky he is a chill bird, because he doesn't pick up on my worries. He's relaxed.

That's great advice about backing off on the seed for 2 days and go pellet & fresh food only. I think he's eating enough of both (pellet & fresh) to go for 2 days with no seed. ... What I've been doing most recently is only offering seed very late in the day. Like at 7pm. Sprinkled on the bottom of the cage. That way pellets & fresh food are the only option until the last possible hour.

That seems to be working because by the time the seed goes down he doesn't eat that much of it. It's not like he gobbles up as much as he can. He'll go in once or twice for a bit... but doesn't eat it like he's ravenous or dying for it. [ Also, I've given him a few millet training treats from hand during the day, so he's getting that too. ] I'm going to see if tomorrow can be totally seed-free to determine if he pouts.

He seems really happy lately. He is chirping and playing all the time, seems really relaxed and he's been trying to talk. I can't understand anything he's saying but seems like he's trying. I hear him mumble & practice... and I'll hear muffled phrases but I've no idea what he's saying. Not a clue.

Many thanks... !