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Originally Posted by Nath View Post
Nice cage set up My Rocky has the same [emoji106]and have him for 3 months tomorrow also lol.. I found with Rocky that for the pellet what really help me introduce it to him is that I ground some of the pellet very fine and sprinkle some on his seeds dish everyday. When I try something new "food" especially pellet I had to find a spot where it will attract him to eat and so far what work for me is that I keep a very small dish very close to one of his preferred perch and leave it there for a few days since it's pellet and it had work so far he nibbles at it everyday not as much as seeds but at least he does eat some [emoji847] When I put it low in the cage he didn't eat it at all so I guess we have to find what work best since they all have different preference .I thought I would share since it's good to have ideas from others her is a pic of is little pellet cup lol

yeah... I have the same cage as well. ... Question about that cup... it looks like it might be more secure than the kind that both Cerulean & I have... we have the deep kind that have the metal hooks. Looks like your little cups are more secure. Do you have a link where they can be purchased? Do they snap on to the bars? At some point I'll be rethinking food cups because the kind in the photo attached... sometimes Biz knocks off the wall.

I actually got this tiny cup at my petstore not sure which company it was from. it was in the hamster/bird section wall [emoji53] but when I saw it I was to used it for outside treats cup to add on the cage outside but then I realized that it was the perfect size for the pellet . When you don't have a huge cage and need a cup for fresh food, seeds, water it take space so this tiny cup was perfect and less then $3 [emoji12].. it is not too deep so don't have to put as much and he is able to see the pellets and small enough to put close to his preferred spot .The one on your pic I tried it but too deep and rocky didn't even get close or touch the food when I used it.. I have so many different cup right now it's crazy because I tried everything and what will work best lol. Thank god for this forum that's all I can say been able to share ideas and tips between each other is nice. Rocky doesn't eat at bottom cage . I tried and he didn't even go at all so right now seeds and water are lower then mid way to bottom and I am moving them down slowly every couple weeks so eventually they will be at bottom. Baby steps lol

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