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I understand, like I said before I won't rush them at all, of course I'll let them settle in at their own pace because otherwise they'll just be scared and uncomfortable and that's the last thing I want. Just another quick question as I'm curious to know, is this cage a good set-up because I want to make sure they have all of the things they need while settling in and of course in the near future.

Toys wise:
Yellow ladder with colorful steps
Different colored beads on a metal pole (big enough so they can't chew or swallow)
Pink mirror with bell at the bottom
Plastic Budgie (on the perch)
Colorful rings (with bell attached at bottom)
Colorful balls (with bell attached at bottom)
Swing (again NOT Sand Perched at all completely made out of wood with metal hanger to clip onto the cage)

All Wooden Perches (NOT Sand Perches at all because of worry of infections on feet)

Food Wise:
Two Plastic containers with Trill Seed
Millet on both sides of cage for both budgies (so they don't fight)
Apricot stick
Honey Bell

Iodine Block
Birdbath at bottom of the cage