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Default Budgies extremely energetic today

I just wanted to share my experience today, and maybe get some insight.

Kobu and Tiki are generally very calm budgies that don't move around much. But after today's training session, that all changed. Especially for Kobu. You can look at their journal for details on today's training session.

Basically, today the pair was very eager to get out of the cage, and to stay out, especially Kobu. Kobu was so unbelievably energetic today, he would not stop moving. I put him in the cage, so I could work with Tiki outside the cage, and he was flying back and forth, climbing upside down, just begging to be let out. Tiki would also want to get out when I put her in to train one on one with Kobu, but she wasn't as crazy as Kobu. Putting them back in cage also became a challenge. Usually they hopped right off my hand when I brought them into the cage, but today they kept climbing up my arm to get out.

Seeing them running (more like waddling) around with all that energy was sooo cute! At 8:45 pm, as much I hated to stop playing with them, I put them in for the night. I covered the cage, leaving the bottom 1/3 of the front and sides exposed. Tiki settled down, but Kobu was still being crazy. He was climbing, flying, and chirping ocassionally. He was trying so hard to get my attention. If I go near the cage, he gets right up next to my face. He'll follow me to the other side of the cage as I moved over from one side to the other. For the first time ever, I saw him sitting in his food dish, and just kicking out all the seed. This kicking, combined with him following me just cracked me up. He's soo cute I ccouldn't stop laughing.

As much as I LOVE their energy, I can't help but worry a little bit. I put the cover up at 9:15, but Kobu didn't settle down for about 30 minutes. I always put them to bed around 9 pm, and remove the cover around 7:30 am. I'm wondering if it's okay to cover them up when they have so much energy. I felt terrible doing it. Should I wait for them to calm down first? Should I cover them up at a later time, especially if they're highly energetic?

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