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Thanks everyone for all of your responses - they have been immensely helpful!!

I've tried to upload a few photos to Photobucket so let's see if this works.

I've see 3 of these in total in the last couple of weeks. I'm not sure if the feathers are falling out prematurely or what might be going on.

This is the flight feather that I saw drop out a few days ago when Trix was hopping around. My wife thinks that she may have knocked himself against his cage when he was trying to fly and that's why it was loose but that's just a theory.

This one I took this morning. You can see that on the right side there is just 1 sad little flight feather poking out and on the left there is obviously none left. Trix hates the camera so she's trying to play it cool and pretend I'm not there!

And thanks StarlingWings for that stuff about boys having smooth pearly pink noses! I had no idea that sometimes they stayed pink and always just assumed it would one day turn blue or brown. You can tell just from this post that I still have a few issues sticking to just one gender for Trix!!!