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Default Rehoming is not an option..

Bit of a rant I'm afraid..

I had a talk with mum this morning. I know she disagrees with rehoming so I wanted to bring her round to the idea that if things get worse with Buddy if might be best if we found an expert who could take him on.
She was having none of it.
She said a lot more than this but the basic, very clear and stubborn message was... No, it won't be happening. That's where she draws the line. Once you buy a pet they are yours for life, and you just have to manage things as best you can. If you can't give them the absolute best you just have to give as good as you can. This is her home and she is staying.

She doesn't get that I'm trying to put Buddy first, and do what's best for her... She feels like it's the absolute worst thing we could do.. I wish I could make her understand that I don't think I could bear seeing Bud stuck in a cage everyday (cos I'd only consider rehoming if it got to that stage), knowing that there may be someone out there that could handle her and have her out..
She doesn't get that the thing that should be an absolute no is having Buddy stuck in a cage never coming out..