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Smile Pleasant surprise!

So, a couple pet store trips ago, I went to pick up some food for the birds at my local PetLand. I walked over to the usual place for bird stuff, only to discover that everything not edible was gone! A couple of days ago, you all were complaining about this same thing, I believe. But anyway, I wandered the store in dismay for a while, thinking perhaps it had all been moved. The selection for toys hadn't been great before, but at least it was SOMETHING! Finally I came back to the spot where all the food was kept. I looked sadly again at all the bird food, and turned the corner to go buy my bag of bird food, only to gasp in delighted surprise! In the one place I hadn't checked, (which was, ironically, the other side of the shelf/aisle/thing) there was an entire long row of bird toys! Even more than before! Needless to say, I was ecstatic, and spent some more time browsing through bird toys before I checked out.

So that's my happy story! Sorry if I made y'all jealous. I just wanted to share that I'm actually quite happy with MY local pet store. Other than the actual selling of the birds themselves, of course. I'd also love it if you guys shared some happy bird-related surprises you've had over the years! Maybe make this into a fun thread.


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