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Talking Budgie's First and Second time out of the cage

Hello! So after a very nerve wracking moment, yesterday ands just now, I've finally let one of my budgies out of her cage! I thought she would be insane and fly around but it was actually the opposite of that. She was very quiet and did not even fly. The first time (yesterday) she was only out of 10 minutes as she really wanted to go back in her cage (because my other budgie was the rest). All she did was eat and climb around the cage, trying to get back in.
Today, just now, she did the same thing. She kept climbing and clinging onto the cage trying to get back in and my other budgie, followed her at times.

I think this is because they don't want to separate and they feel safer and more comfortable with each other. They don't want to be apart and possibly because they want to get towards each other/inside of the cage.
How should I make my budgie more comfortable about being outside of the cage and maybe start to explore (I know it may take awhile but is there a way to enourage her to do that?) I placed some branches around the room as landing spots and I also placed a tree playground-ish area infront of the cage with some toys and a piece of millet. I also have a playgym right next to the cage with some treats and also on the perch attached outside the cage.
What else could I do to encourage her?
I posted videos and photos of it (from yesterday) on my bird account @yuuki.x.jaeha if you want to know what's going on.