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Default Naughty budgies

This is a long story cut short . I had 2 budgies Decca and cilla but cilla died at only 3 months old suddenly with a heart attack after she was flying ,they were bonded and both so tame and very manageable to get in and out of there cage,Decca was left by himself and was so sad, so I decided to get him 2 new friends. I thought I was buying 2 males off someone who was rehoming her birds, but it turns out one was female. So I have 2 cocks and a hen. They seem to get along OK , they have the odd argument but mostly it's OK , none of them are bonded with each other Or ever will be I can tell , my new male zuko is quite friendly and will eat millet off my hand but the hen has no interest in being friends with me or anyone else for that matter , she loves her own company,She goes back to the cage herself and basically is no bother whatsoever. The boys are terrible, I cannot get them back home. Decca was always so well behaved before and I could get him back in the cage no bother but now he refuses and zuko is just as bad, Will they go back eventually if I just leave them to it . The problem I'm having is because there is 3 birds by the time one is back in the cage and I'm catching another one the first one is out of the cage again. I'm starting to regret getting 2 new birds,i should of only got 1, but the conditions they were living in before me were awful and I knew I had to rescue them. It's so stressful every time I let them out.. any ideas.

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