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Default New Budgie and Small Concern

I got a new budgie today. My mom really liked it and I thought it'd be nice to get it for her. It's a green budgie and its head is yellow. It also has blue on its tail feathers and I think its cheek spots/marks are blue as well. It's a really beautiful bird.

I was looking at a grey Quaker parrot that climbed down and was looking at me. It was basically behind the budgies' cage thing. When the woman showed up and asked which one we wanted, we told her the green one with the yellow head.

What's got me concerned is that she used a net to get it out. It was mesh like a fish net would be to get water out of it when getting fish out of a tank. It may have been slightly larger, but I don't really think so. I was surprised and even started to ask her why she had a net, but I figured she knew more than I did since I'm just getting used to taking care of budgies and still don't know very much. But she dragged the net when she caught the bird across the floor of the cage? Then when she started to put it in the box, its poor little feet were stuck in the net. I asked if I could help, because with Sam's talons getting caught on everything, I was a little worried. She told me no and then it just plopped into the box. It wasn't hurt as far as I saw but it was ruffled up and had a feather stuck to its cere. There's no doubt in my mind that it was terrified. It didn't stop screeching until we got to the car.

No other worker in that store EVER used a net. Every time I went to get a bird (this is the fourth time), the man that helped used his hand. The budgie never screeched as much as this one did.

Is this safe at all?? Could she have harmed the poor budgie with the net, or am I overthinking it? Sorry if I am, but it worried me because she seemed a little careless/rude.

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