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Default Vet Issues

So, Milo has never been to a vet. Around the time I got him I wasn't under the impression that you needed to take a budgie to the vet, but I know better now. He seems healthy, but it would be good to check. Anyways, I was reluctant to take him since he would probably would be SUPER freaked out, and since he doesn't come out of the cage (yet), but I think the pros outweigh the cons. Then comes the next issue of actually finding an avian vet. The only vets in my area are for cats and dogs, and we don't have a car. Are "on call" avian vets a thing? I mean, if worst comes to worst I could get a friend to drive if I can find a good vet. What kind of vets do you take your birds to? Can regular vets be trusted?