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Smile Progress with birds

Well I've had 0 progress with the tiels, unless them mimicking sounds I make when I whistle counts.

As for the budgies,

Sam's about the same. I'm gonna start again with her since I let her take a break from taming after both of her feet were tangled up in the sheet because her nails were so long. Now that they're trimmed, I'm gonna see if she can get around again without a problem.

Bud's still his stubborn self. I'm not sure if he's the same or better. I can perch him on my finger and turn him upside down and he'll just climb around so that he's upright. He let me rub the back of his head but anywhere else is taking a chance of being bitten. He doesn't necessarily like it, but he lets me every so often.

Lemon's making great progress considering that he's new. He's stepping up, being an eagle (just like Sam did ), and he really loves my glasses. If I hold him at the side of my head, he'll grab onto them with his beak and just hold on. He's been climbing up onto my head a lot lately. The first time, he started chirping like he made it to the top of Mt. Everest.

I'm honestly proud of them with their progress. I'm having problems getting Lemmy to trust my finger inside the cage, but once he's outside, he's perfectly fine.

We're looking for a cage for the tiels. I got them a toy finally and replaced the bell that was in their cage (there was a spiderweb in it that I'd never seen before ) I'm probably gonna wait until I can get the tiels' wings, nails, and hopefully beaks trimmed because they look like harpy eagles before I start anything with them. I'm still working on the whole striking thing. It's not going that well.

I can see that will take me a long time. But overall, everything's going great I guess.

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