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I'm honestly sorry for the way I worded that post. I was tired at the time, so I didn't really think it through.

What I meant was:

I think they were cage bound, and I just want to give them time outside of the cage to explore, have freedom and just see their surroundings. I'm not setting a deadline. Three weeks is far from enough time. I just meant could it be possible that they'd have some form of progress within three weeks?

I'm taking it slowly, like a chick learning to walk and fly. Eventually, they'll figure it out, but they won't turn into an eagle and just glide across the sky.

Something is making me think that everyone made me believe Cilla is a bad bird when she's really never been given a chance. When she flew out of the cage the other night, she just landed on the floor and sat there. I went over to her, and she didn't run, hiss, strike or anything. Of course they were both screeching, but I knew why. It's stupid, but I think she's nicer than they made her out to be and maybe she is actually calmer than I thought.

I'm overthinking all of that, but that's just another topic.

I hope this is worded better, and makes more sense, but if not, please tell me.

Again, I'm sorry that it seemed like I was setting a deadline, but I'm not. I'm not rushing either. It was just a thought I had.

If I should wait longer, I definitely will. I know I won't get anywhere in three weeks, so what's the point in expecting something? I have faith in them and I know they can do it, but I'll let them go at their pace. I won't shove my hand in their face and force them to eat from my hand. That'll destroy any and all trust they've gained.

So for the question I meant: would it hurt to just get them out of the cage and let them have a little freedom? And is it possible to progress between now and then? If not, that's okay. If yes, then that's okay too. Any progress at all will be outstanding.

Forgive me for the way I worded it, again, but I was tired and didn't think it through.
(sorry if I repeat things here but that's still a bad habit I have)

wow that was longer than I thought

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