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Default i lost my budgie Gina and brought another one

Unfortunately she flew away escaping and leaving behind jack. Ironically 1 day before she complete a year in my possession.
Jack was searching for her in 2days...and he stopped eating since then...i was so devastated also about what happened i cant sleep well.

I bought a new female and introduced it to him...i called her jill. But i kept her in a small transport cage for 2days but she isnt eating too so i decided to put a net between the cage dividing them and they managed to destroyed it..i rearranged the cage totally including the perches and toys too. I know i didnt followed the quarantine procedure but im much more concerned about their state of not eating and jack being lonely.

Jack is happy now with his new partner it seems like nothing has changed aside the female being frightened to me influencing jack too...seems im back to zero now

Can someone suggest me if im doing wrong?