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Default Follow up for "Flying Around Alot"


So I am asking a question referring to my previous post.

Hi! I'm new around here.

I have an 8 month male budgie and he's hand tame/trained to me. He'll sleep and rest on my shoulder, and play around. Also, I got him about a month ago.

I've noticed he doesnt stay with me for long though. His wings are clipped and he tries to fly around. Is he trying to get away from me or is he adventuring? Earlier I was talking to some friends in the kitchen and he was just sitting on my shoulder and all of a sudden he just randomly flies onto the fridge.

Heres my question:
His wings are currently clipped, should I let them grow back since he likes to fly alot? I live in a one-story house and I'm not sure if he'll get hurt or get into trouble. I have a couple ceiling fans that he could fly onto but nothing much else.

So to sum it up, should I let his wings grow back or keep them clipped?