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Default Better to bond with new budgie when sleepy?

We recently (a week and a half ago added our new little guy, Tundra. Tundra in the morning or evening is very calm. I can walk into the room and he won't freak out. But during the middle of the day if I walk in he starts panicking like crazy and then will settle down- not a great time to bond I feel.

we have a Parakeet who is two and very tame but it's been years since this little guy and also this is a different parakeet and different parakeet.

Should I have a routine where I sit at the cage and try to talk to Tundra when he's more calm like in mourning and night?

I don't remember Tiki being so frantic when we walked in the room- but they have very different personalitites already.

I usually walk in, speak calmly and it freaks for a bit while i take a seat next to the cage. Within a minute it will calm down and stop looking for an escape route and will face me and sit calmly and listen to me. If I get up, same frantic flying.

At night or in the morning though it sits calmly when I enter the room. Would these times a day be less stressful for him?

Thanks so much