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Default My bird just died

My light blue budgie died sudden
Silence was always a very mellow bird but active so I never assumed anything would be wrong and from when I bought him as a baby I'd assume he was barely one

The larger problem is that even though I had 4 budgies silence and his buddy Jekyll seemed bonded they where always by each others side and would accept attention from the other 2 birds....should I be worried the Jekyll will die too? I was doing a late night check on the birds they have the guest room right now because it's the only non drafty room in the house

I cracked the door, counted my boys (I've done this since I was given the first two because one thinks he's an escape artist) and my sweet timid boy was face down on the bottom of the cage and I went downstairs to the second living area crying to my bf with silence in a towel and I just sat there for a while with my budgie baby...

So I don't want two deaths on my hands silence was one of my more timid ones Jekyll is a good boy too and I love them all I'm beyond worried about Jekyll I remember when silence first came home Jekyll even made kissy noises at him through the bars at the other cage

I did switch them to the cage I use when their main cage is getting cleaned and it seems Jekyll is lashing out at the others he's chasing them away and pecking at him when they get near him and that's not like him I was wondering if that had anything to do with me changing the cages (silence died in it just feels right to give the cage a deep cleaning before I put them back in it)

My male dog even loves the birds he doesn't like strangers getting near them he will watch them and sleep by their cage often (I even call them his birds because it just feels that way) he gave me a funny look when I was putting silence in a little box and I told him silence died he started was weird too I normally have to bribe the birds out of the cage even the crankiest one (he had some teams happen with a previous owner so I let him be cranky I'd be cranky too if I'd been in a cats mouth before) and they gave me no fuss switching cages

I don't want anymore of them to die suddenly and I've heard birds can die if their buddies pass away I'm definitely not getting any sleep tonight keeping the rest of my budgie boys with in eye shot