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Thank you for your advice and concerns I've actually been trying the keeping him in a separate cage close to the boys because when they where all out the next day for free time Jekyll was chasing Hyde away from him buddy pidgey when Hyde was giving pidgey attention and the time that they where together before I separated them he was acting aggressive and that just seemed to "stir the pot" with the group but yes Jekyll is normally the dominant one they often follow him around like he's leading a group or something (totally amusing when they do it on the floor they look like tiny chickens running around)

Surprisingly though I do have a dove and the boys never paid him too much attention just let him hang out around them and when the dove would groom his feathers Jekyll would try to help? It didn't seem like he was trying to pull on them or anything and Jekyll followed him around like a lost puppy...which is odd

I'll probably try seeing if he can't be in the main cage again in a couple weeks but I don't mind the world involved I get the animals people miss treat or can't handle or don't have the time for when I have room (how I got a couple of my dogs, the dove and Jekyll and Hyde and so on) so most of my free time goes to them but I like it that way I don't have kids or a busy schedule so I'm happy I'm lucky enough to have the availability to do so

I'm not much of a forum person I'm surprised by the love and support here thank you ? and I'll be sure to check out the other posts of users with similar experiences

The question mark after thank you is supposed to be a heart I guess it doesn't work like that here LOL

Oh! I also forgot to mention all of my dogs are 60+ pounds! I'd have a heart attack if my birds got smashed or anything!! I don't let them free interactions with each other once my female Sophie was in the crate while they where out and she whined ALLOT pidgey purched on her cage and she fell right asleep but I haven't had the guts to purposely try anything like that! I actually met a person who bred some kind of large bird and he professionally trains dogs and his huge dog chased one of the babies that had gotten out on accident so yes very very very understandable why it was mentioned as a suggestion but I do not allow it

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