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Originally Posted by RavensGryf View Post
Remember though, just because 6 budgies will potentially fit in the cage, it doesn't mean that in reality, all 6 individual personalities will get along well enough to live in the same cage.

Also - if some budgies are already established in the cage, there is a good chance that there will be territoriality and potential fighting against the newcomers.

Some other points I can see is - length of the cage is always better than height as far as inside space goes.
Here is another option for a large cage. This is the same style as the one I have for my two budgies. There is a huge amount of width which they enjoy. I love it, although it does take a lot more floor space. Several companies make this style of cage. I'm not sure what is available for delivery in your area.

The more birds you have in any cage, the smaller the cage is going to seem. Especially once you have enough perches and toys in it.

With a maximum number of birds in the same cage, you will notice it will get dirty and in need of cleaning very quickly, and you'll need to keep on top of it daily for sure. Even with my spacious cage and only 2 budgies, it's amazing how much poop they produce on a daily basis!
Yes i know the struggle of cleaning the poop i only have 2 also at the moment and even i clean the cage everyday it's like a poop factory below lol.

About the newcomer it will not be a problem for me since i will provide an extra cage when the time comes and will rearrange all the perches and toys when quarantine period has ended...but this will be in my future projects.

I saw this on in italy and this is the only flight cage that cost less...other flight cage are made of screens

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