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Default Teaching Rikki to Fly

When I got Rikki about 18 months ago, her wings had been clipped very short. I thought once her feathers grew out that she would be able to fly, as can our younger bird Charley, who also had clipped wings when I got him. Well Rikki still can't fly more than about two feet. I had her wings examined by the Av Vet and she said she could see no reason why Rikki shouldn't be able to fly -- just under-developed wing muscles that need to be exercised. I've been giving her flying "lessons" by launching her over a large bed. Sometimes she will go several feet, but not really get any lift. After about 5 tries she gets stressed and we stop. I would like her to be able to fly so that if she gets out onto the floor she would be able to get back to her cage, and I think she feels bad seeing how expertly Charley can fly around the room and dive-bomb us. Anyone else had success with a bird who couldn't fly?