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Default Thank you

I have tried small bits of fresh things in a treat dish as well as mixed into a little bit of of seed or millet. She is fine with them until she comes in contact with them and then panics.
When I first got her she was eating only pellets and the vet urged me to try to get her to eat seed and fresh things so we haven't gone back to it yet. I am going to do as suggested and will start spiking her seed with egg food tomorrow. I have ordered some of the recommended mash but it's on backorder from Amazon and my immediate stores didn't have it. Should I combine that with the egg food or just do one at a time?
I also am going to try to trick her by mixing her existing Vitakraft seed with Volkman superfood because I feel like she's not eating the larger bits in the Vitakraft.
Jester is curious and interested in what people are doing in my office space. I was able to convince her that the gym, desk and bath was not a parakeet eating monster as well as her travel cage by using an action figure but she apparently doesn't trust Deadpool's food choices. She nibbles on my fingers after I handle fruit but that's as close to cool with it as she has been.