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My Tiki (2 years old) never ate veggies until just the last month!

To get him interested, before I go to bed I take out his seed from the cage. In the morning I put in his veggies when he's most hungry and willing to try.
I put them into a veggie chopper so they come out super tiny. I use all kinds of colorful ones- peppers, kale, carrots and then add dried sprouted quinoa as well. Then put his pellets in there (also something he would NEVER touch unitl this past month!) and then sprinkle with probiotics. The first week I put a load of millet on top. Every couple days I lessened the amount until there are no chunks of millet just the tiny seeds on top. Now I am mixing it down in there so he really has to dig for it. Over the next month I plan to faze out the millet all together and up the pellets on the veggies. He loves it at the moment. Just make sure you don't leave in for more than an hour or so so pellets and millet don't grow bacteria in wet veggies.

Also the first time I had him eat it, I had him step up on the same bowl he uses for seed. He would not take veggies out of any unusual bowl at first. Now he will but I think using the same kind of bowl as his seed told him it's food. I also held the bowl and had him step up on it outside of his cage so it was more of an event. Because I was holding it, and it was in front of him, he tried it. Previously though, like yours he used to fly away in horror every time! But I learned it was the size, like someone else pointed out, that really makes a HUGE difference.

I also use the mash because he, until putting them on his veggies, hated pellets. And he still isn't in love with them, but he's tasting them now and getting more used to them slowly. I also read recently about people putting them on a big sheet of paper and just letting them forage the tiny pellets for "fun" to get used to it. Tiki has done this and went from picking up and just crushing them to eating a few rencently. So small victories!

But I use mash and I put A LOT. I put 2 tablespoons on top so he has to really dig through the mash to get to his seeds. That way he eats a lot inadvertently. Start off VERY slow with the mash though and increase it over a months time. Just a sprinkling, so light, like you are putting salt on their seeds at first. Keep a little book log and keep track of how much you go up by weekly. Eventually she will eat seed with it on top. My avian vet said keeping her on mash indefinitely would be fine, but others on here may know better.