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absolutangel is just really niceabsolutangel is just really niceabsolutangel is just really niceabsolutangel is just really nice

They're doing great! Coco is much less outgoing, prefers to chill out on a perch and not keen on being on a hand or lap but hand tame and I can get him to step up to move him or put him back in the cage. He's a bit nervy but definitely coming out of his shell and playing with toys and being more inquisitive the last couple of days. He's doing a bit of beak grinding too so seems pretty content.

Buddy is a total clown, so sociable, loves everyone, and is happy to be stroked. He enjoys his toys and wants to be out of the cage and close to us all the time bless him. The last couple of days he's been making very cute squeaking noises when he's close to us and getting petted, seems to love it. He's also easy to please with his veggies (and fruit) which is great.

I can't get over how tame they are, especially Buddy. I thought my budgies had been well tamed but these guys are in a different league. I'm actually feeling a bit bad though. My elderly nan is unwell. Her budgie Bob passed away over the summer, he was ancient and had also been well tamed by my other nan. As she's virtually housebound my mum got her another one, also now named Bob and while my nan started with good intentions she hasn't got him anywhere near tame, and because my nan isn't good on her feet she's scared to let him out in case she can't get him back in. The cage is a reasonable size but still. Comparing him to mine is a bit sad, think I'm going to have to find time to try and go round regularly and do the job myself.

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