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Default Quarantine cage


I have a new lil guy, and he is on day two of quarantine( technically it hasnt even bee 24 hours) so the cage he is in right now is pretty small, not something you can keep a budgie in permanently. I have another cage im not using thats rather big, bigger than my normal cage(a toddler would fit in it) I would have Charlie, my older girl, in it but it has no horizontal bars, so moving around is hard. would it be better to have him in the big cage where its hard to move around, and have him eventually move to a smaller (about three budgies would fit) cage with charlie? or leave him in the small cage for a month. charlie was fine when she stayed in the quarantine cage(i had no other option) but now I have another option and would like to know whats best. I also dont have a surface for the large cage to sit on, I live in an apartment, not much room.