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Default Double molt?

So, in my update about Mexico and Ice, I mentioned that they had just finished up a moult.

Well, just the other day, I noticed feathers all over the floor again, including a long tail feather, which worries me.
Is it bad to have two moults so close together? I considered the fact that one of them may have moulted first, and now the other is moulting, but the feathers are white and yellow. Also, they both look scruffy again, just like last time.
I know for sure that Ice is moulting right now, because the poor little guy has pink pinnies on his head.

Is it possible they're stress moulting? They haven't been getting much sun lately, and I haven't been paying a lot of attention to them lately either.

I feel terrible for Ice, the little guy isn't chirping as much because he's so uncomfortable. I'm making him some boiled egg later, and I also want to sprout some quinoa, but how else can I help him out?! And should I be worried about these two moults so close together, and the tail feather too?

Thanks in advance,


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