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Question Budgies and new eggs

Hi Everyone!! Nice to meet you all. I’m so glad to have found this forum! My name is Mexi - excited to speak to others about our children!

First off - YES, I was confused when I named my first-time babies and later found out male was female and female was male – lol – names were kept.

My two parakeets (5yrs old) - Conchita (male-Dad) and Paquito (female-Mom) mated and laid three eggs.

All eggs hatched – Joey (male), Mexi (male) and Nacho (female).

All live in large parrot cage so plenty of room!

Not long ago, Conchita (male-Dad) sadly died (Cancer) and week later son Joey died of sadness – I was heartbroken!!!

Paquito (female-Mom) was so sad for weeks but then later slowly bonded with son Mexi (male) and they laid 7 eggs a couple of weeks ago!! Much to my surprise! But - the three were close.

Now, Paquito (female-Mom) and Mexi (male – NEW DAD) stay in the nesting box with eggs and I quickly learned when Paquito (female-Mom) comes out to eat, she then starts ear-shattering screaming at her daughter Nacho, who sits lonely in the cage. When Mexi (male – NEW DAD) comes out, he often chases Nacho around the cage, loud yells too.

Two days ago, while watching TV, I heard screeching and saw Paquito on top of Nacho (she was on her back) attacking her.

I got them to stop and immediately took Nacho out of the cage and ran out and bought a larger cage. I put Paquito (female-Mom) and Mexi (male – NEW DAD) and the nesting box in the new cage. Nacho went right back into her same cage, right next to new one.

My question is – Can Nacho be placed into the new cage once the eggs hatch and the babies are older? I don’t want her getting attacked again, she’s so sweet.

Any advice will be appreciated!! I know it’s them protecting their eggs but poor Nacho is all alone. Should I just get her a mate and leave her separated??

AAAAHHH – help!!

Thank you!!


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