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Thanks for the advice! You've identified some of my concerns; the few birds I adopted out, I advised the owners to please bring them back to me if they could ever not care for them.

I'm also a real stickler about diet; my birds are all veggie fed and I really wanted the ones I was adopting out to be fed that way, so I was careful about looking for signs of interest in the food and how to prepare it. I know there aren't any guarantees, but you try and cover your bases!

The idea of working with them in a rescue capacity is interesting. I already have two rescues and the SPCA that call me whenever they have budgies or tiels surrendered, and that is where the majority of my flock has come from. I wonder if they would be interested in older birds? I'll talk to them about it!

Note to add: I do not breed any of my rescue budgies, as i often have no confirmation of their age or relations. I have a couple of pairs that I have purchased myself that I have that information for and they are the only ones I breed.

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