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Smile Avgolemono (egg lemon chicken soup)

Hi guys, so I wanted to share the recipe of this delicious soup that my mum makes (I'm half Greek, her side ). Since moving out I had to get the recipe off of her so I can indulge in it.

It's winter now here in Aus so I just made a big pot of this for myself and my partner for tonight's dinner, and since it's a big pot i'll probably be having it for lunch tomorrow too.


1. At least 450g-700g chicken (doesn't matter what part, on of off the bone. I used chicken breast)
2. 1/2 - 1 cup of white jasmine rice depending on how soupy or thick you want it (next time I will try it with 3/4 cup rice)
3. 3 lemons
4. 3 eggs
5. Large pot 3/4 filled with warm water
6. Salt & Pepper to taste

1. Add warm water to pot and let simmer
2. Add chicken and let boil to cook (about 20min)
3. Squeeze out juices of lemons into cup or bowl
4. Add rice into pot then take out chicken to shred chicken with tongs/fork or hands
5. Add salt, pepper
6. Separate egg whites in another cup/bowl and beat till fluffy
7. Add yolks to egg whites and beat further
8. Very slowly add lemon juice to beaten eggs whilst beating
9. When rice is just about cooked, slowly add spoons of hot water from pot to egg & lemon mixture, one spoon at a time, mixing it and repeating very slowly to heat mixture up without curdling eggs
10. Once egg & lemon mixture has heated up add egg & lemon mixture to soup all at once and mix
11. Turn off the stove and add more salt & pepper and enjoy!

As the soup sits it will become thicker/creamier. Next time if you make it again if you would prefer it less thick, add less rice.

Hope you like, and also I'd be very interested if you have the same but slightly different recipe (thinking of Despoina as I write this because she's Greek, too).

There's another version of this soup that my mum makes where minced beef is rolled into small meatballs with the rice instead of chicken, but I prefer this more. I hope you like it and if you do tell me about it

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