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Originally Posted by JRS View Post
Hi Xenat

Sorry to hear that your budgie is lost, here's a link for things to do to help you in your search:

In the link it mentions leaving the cage outside - obviously you cannot do this, with other birds still inside unless you are constantly supervising, as you don't want a repeat incident.
Maybe you have another cage that you can either place out (with food & water clearly visible) or that you could house your other birds in, freeing up the original cage to place outside.

Best of luck
So there isn't much I can do?

I feel very bad because this is partly my fault, I knew that I should supervise them but I didn't know they were capable of opening the cage as they never have done that.

Is it unlikely that I will find her? She is physically weak because of her early days of malnourishment. It was raining yesterday and today it's cold and windy, what can I do to find her? There are a lot of balcony where I live so she might be on one of them...