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Originally Posted by FaeryBee View Post

The purpose of Talk Budgies is to promote the best practices with regard to caring for budgies for their optimum health and well-being.

You have neither the knowledge nor the experience to consider breeding your budgies at this time.

You only recently acquired them and don't even know how to determine gender.

Before breeding any species, it is important to learn as much about the animals, their personalities and the best practices to follow for responsible and ethical breeding prior to making the commitment to take on the responsibility. This requires extensive research and an openness to continual learning.

Please read the two links below and demonstrate the responsibility and maturity of a good owner.

You need to learn everything you can about your budgies, their temperaments and how to care for them before ever thinking about making the decision to accept the commitment to breed ethically and responsibly.

When We Don't Want Eggs

Il research more about budgie breeding. Do you have like a link to a page where I can go learn about budgie breeding?