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Default Europe Pictures!

Well, I'm finally posting my pictures from Europe! I haven't gotten around to editing all of them but I figure you'd rather see them raw than not at all

We started out going to the Netherlands since that's where my family's from (My Great Grandparents on both sides migrated during World War 2) We stayed in Amsterdam, so we got a canal tour and were able to see the Anne Frank house from the boat since we weren't able to get tickets to see inside. We also got to see the bench from the scene in Fault in Our Stars! I loved seeing where my family came from and experiencing the amazing Dutch culture. We had fresh stroopwafels there, which were actually pretty similar to the way we make them.

Switzerland was probably my favorite and sooo picturesque! Everywhere you looked, you could take a beautiful picture...which led to a picture overload on my camera First we got to explore Geneva and see the church that John Calvin preached at and see the Reformation Museum, where some of his original writings are kept. This was really cool for my family to see since this played a huge role in our church's history and Calvin established many of the beliefs in our denomination.

We visited a castle a couple hours away from Geneva. It was gorgeous but I especially loved the views from the watch towers and, if I'm honest, the swans were my favorite part. There were swans all around in the beautiful teal water with their babies! And they allowed me to get right next to them for pictures! There were swans all over Switzerland! If there was a body of water, there were swans in it (the last picture was in a different location than the others)

My favorite part of Switzerland was the small town/village we stayed in. There was a beautiful waterfall that feel close by so it served as a beautiful backdrop the entire time we were there. I absolutely adored listening to the peaceful cow bells while watching the water fall from the Alps. I decided that when I, God willing, have a farm someday, I'll put cowbells on my own cows We did lots of hiking! Since we didn't have a car, we relied on public transportation but really just did a lot of walking! We walked at least 10 miles a day the entire trip, not just in Switzerland.

In our village

In another village we hiked to

More cows- I can't wait to do some paintings of them!

In the Alps! The sheer beauty of God's creation took my breath away!

Enjoying Swiss Chocolate (did I mention I love chocolate) amongst gorgeous scenery

Being a book nerd, I couldn't help thinking of Divergent when I saw these 3 ravens...I also thought of Raven Boys

And, continuing to prove my nerdiness, I was thrilled when we visited Grindelwald, as he is a character in Harry Potter. I also got a shirt that had the name on it

There were snails and slugs everywhere This is one of my many raw pictures on this post, but I can't wait to see how it looks after editing!

We were walking to a restaurant (or was it the train station?) and passed this beautiful pond and castle. I took my camera with me everywhere because, like I said, everything was picturesque!

Cool waterfall pic

There happened to be a huge international horse show while we were there so I convinced my mom to come with me on our last day in Switzerland It was a jumping show, but I was thrilled because they also included some dressage, which is the discipline I'm pursuing with my horse, Tessa!! You can definitely see which ones I have and haven't edited yet

And, finally, Italy! We went to Rome first, and I loved seeing all the ruins and the history behind it, but Switzerland was definitely more peaceful. Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! It was crazy to think that the Apostle Paul and many other significant historical figures walked the same roads we were on! And, again bringing up my love of books, I was in my element because of the Roman Mythology (all of which I learned and fell in love with from Percy Jackson). Happily there was also some Greek mythology statues so I got to see several of Hermes!

There was actually someone selling budgies in an alley we walked down. I felt bad for the birds since I doubt they were being cared for the best if they were being sold in an alley, but at the same time I was thrilled to see some of the birds I love...even if it made me miss my own so much more!

The Colosseum


After Rome we went to Pompeii. It was crazy how advanced they were: they had one and two way streets, crosswalks, bumpers, white marble to light up the street, addresses of sorts, amazing paintings that lasted through the ash and thousands of years, you name it!

Lastly, the Mediterranean coast.

The lovely B&B we stayed at

Our view

And my lizard friends that were everywhere

"The LORD your God is with you; the mighty One will save you. He will rejoice over you. You will rest in His love; He will sing and be joyful about you." ~Zephaniah 3:17

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