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Default Female showing aggression to Male with 12 Day Old Chick

Hello Budgie People,
Thanks for the resource! Please forgive any protocol breaches, I became a member to post quickly, I'm a little concerned,....

I have been a bird owner for 25 years, I had an Indian Ringneck who passed away last year after a fab 24 years together and now I have 2 beautiful, bonded, mated budgies.

I didn't intend to breed them, I didn't even know the male was a male since he was quite young when we got him.

Long story and details aside, we are now budgie breeders, they laid 5 eggs, 3 hatched, 2 died right away, the second hatchling has been alive and is 10 days old today, born June 17.

Everything was lovey and great, both parents were feeding the baby, but suddenly, the female is not allowing the male into the nest box and is even attacking him outside the box, chasing him around the cage. They have scrapped over food in the past, just little squabbles, but this has me worried!

No injuries to be seen, it hasn't come to that, will it??? When do i remove the male, or do I remove the female? I guess I have to run out and grab a new cage? So far, the chick has not been attacked, though it has also made some alarming noises that made me wonder,.... no signs of injury.

They have a nice box, the cage is in a great location with sunlight, fresh water, food, wrapped at night, quiet home, albeit the cage is a little small,.... I'm hoping to get a bigger one asap.

Presently, they are wrapped up as though it were night in the hopes of calming the female down. Does this maybe have something to do with a second clutch approaching?

Hoping for some expert advice! Thanks in advance.