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Default the chick

Hello again,

So I've obviously been paying close attention, thanks for the hand feeding link, I did a quick look and will dig much deeper, I am sure.

In my quick look, I didn't see "when" to start,..... I'd rather not if it isn't critical,.... I"m really afraid of aspirating them like I did a bunch of mice as a kid, I know,... I'm a real softie and it was awful.

The chick called out and the male did not respond. He did seem nervous/anxious to go in the box, he has been in a short while once since I separated them.

I have not observed him attending the chick at all like he did a few days ago. She has really not allowed it for a few days now, I thought it was normal since they seemed to be doing so well until she began attacking him.

If it's not too late already, pls let me know how long I should wait before feeding the chick myself.

Oh, the names are: Rio is Dad and he's blue (go figure) and Phoenix is green, the female. We are thrilled to see how "Pluto" will grow into a set of feathers and to discover male or female. My 7 year old son has named them all, loves them all and has been so delighted in the event, along with our 15 year old son who first heard the cheeping - I thought he was pulling my leg, I actually never believed any would hatch! This whole thing has been a series of delightful surprises until recently,....

We handled the chick for the first time today, just for a few minutes while I cleaned out the nest box. So special. We all felt like we'd been touched by a small miracle. so silly, I know, but indeed, so special.

Well, I was just checking in here, I'm going to run to the drug store now and grab a syringe,... they obviously don't carry budgie formula,.... I will will check in again soon.