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Default Is Birb sick?

Hi all!

I just came back from a 5-day vacation and was ecstatic to see Birb! He's been taken care of by my parents while I was gone so he wasn't just left alone at home by himself.

However, when I got home yesterday, I noticed that Birb was preening himself a lot more than usual. Sometimes he would be preening himself and he would stop and stare at his stomach (I noticed he did this a lot) His eyes also look a bit less lively.. so I'm not sure if he's sick. He still flies around and chirps. He's also eating and drinking normally. Though I did notice that he wants to play in the water a bit more. Some of his feathers are falling out so I don't know if he's moulting..

I'm trying to find an avian vet within the area to get him checked up tomorrow.

Anyone ever experience this with their budgies upon returning from vacation?