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Hi Nika, that's a really interesting question, I think I understand what you're asking.
The thing is, baby budgie's personalities aren't fully formed when you get them. They're a new life and just like with us their experiences and interactions with others will help mold their personalities and affirm them to what they become. We are natural predators to them so unless they were hand reared and kept with human handling as a regular thing I think all budgies will be afraid of us and nervous to begin with until we prove to them they can trust us. I'm nervous whenever I meet another human.

When I first got my first budgie, Budd, he was: About 11 weeks old (roughly), male, single housed budgie, from a big boxed pet store. Budd was absolutely terrified of hands, I think when the lady took him out of the cage at the pet store she traumatized him, and whenever other workers put their hands in to get a budgie I'm sure it scared them each time. When I first got him for the first few days he's stay near the bottom of the cage or on a perch just being silent and like thinking why am I here. Until he began to warm up and I would talk to him more and get him used to my presence and voice.

When I got my second budgie Ollie, he was about the same age as Budd, 11ish weeks from a pet store and it was over a year since Budd had died. Ollie was very much like Budd except he isn't terrified of hands and likes a head/cheek scratch and seems to be more cuddly, where as Budd didn't like being touched anywhere on his body. Ollie was quite nervous as Budd was and it took him longer to warm up to me because I wasn't as committed to the taming process because I was grieving over Budd.

When I got Daisy, she around the same age and from the same pet store, but it was hours before I arrived home with her, I was at my boyfriends house for a while. And she was already chirping even though she wasn't comfortable. Actually, she was chirping when she was still in the cardboard box lol. She was a little different to them. Her and Ollie bonded very quickly and so after they developed their relationship I was able to grow one with each of them and still am.

I hope I answered your question. Just remember to factor in your own behaviour when bonding with your budgie because that will be a major impact on how they are, too.


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