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Default Holiday

Hey guys, I'm going away for a few days for a holiday/my friends birthday and my parents are going to look after my pets for me (my rabbits as well as my budgie). I'm super grateful that they always look after my pets when I'm away! But...

My mum isn't a big fan of animals indoors but she understands that they can't be outside in the cages they have (they're uncovered, the rabbits too) so she usually puts them in the laundry or a spare bathroom. This is totally fine except that it means that Piper (my budgie) won't have people to talk to or anything during the day (I have two rabbits so they keep each other company). I asked mum to talk to them and try to spend time with them as much as possible but what I'm wondering is will this send our bonding backwards? I feel like I've just started making progress but they aren't my mum's pets and she's doing me a favour.