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Thank you to everyone for the replies And thank you for the compliments, she is quite the little beauty

Nothing against females personally. I just have a house full of them and I was really looking forward to having a little boy. So far I have a female PekaPomPoo dog that is 6, a female Aussie that is 7, a female Persian mix cat that is 13 and my fish that passed not too long ago (she was close to 8) was also female. The new kitten we just bought my brother is female too. Just a little too many females in this house Just really adore little boys in general and that's why I got her in the beginning. Although since she hasn't really been handled, she is pretty mean. She has her sweet moments, but she has a bad biting problem so some days are better than others and we're patiently working on that So no offense to anyone that has a flock of females, or prefer female over male--I think personally either sex is easy to train and are quite affectionate for any animals--it's just my personal preference Also since the parakeet's I had as a kid were female and I got her because I thought she was a boy to own a boy parakeet and see how different it would be from the ones I had as a kid and yes, I fully admit that I also enjoyed the thought of being able to teach her to talk.

Although, I have to tell you, she does say some things. They aren't as clear until she fully has her little self-confidence up about making them sound right, but she can kind of say 'hello' as well as LOVES to mimic the sound of my phone's text message sound so well that I would have to grab my phone and look! Little goober. I finally had to change the tone so I'd stop running to my phone while she probably laughed to herself. And yes she has learned how to growl like the dogs and laugh too. She seems to know just when she's supposed to laugh though. So she is quite the little mimicer. The other day she was able to say grandma right after I did and I'm trying to teach her to cat call. She does, but it's pretty quiet until she has it perfect so I don't care what books say about females not being able to talk as well as males. Those aren't my females Course I don't put everything into what the books say anyway or else none of my pets would get along. Cats, fish, dog, bird and once chicken? All ran together at one time or another so eh. But thank you all for the help. I'm still quite happy with her, but now I know for sure she is a female, that explains a LOT of things that she does. And I will most definitely let you know how the training is going. I don't try and push, we work on her timeline so it's definitely taking some time, but she's not going anywhere so she can take as long as she wants. You can see a vid of her on Youtube under 'katkisa.' Course, you can hear me calling her, "him."
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