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Default Newbie Cage Setup

Here's a picture of my current setup!

There are a few things I would like to change, like replacing at least one of the plastic perches with a long natural wooden perch from my apple tree (or removing the top one completely) and finding a place for a flat perch (probably somewhere near the bottom right so it's out of the way). The top plastic perch makes it look like there's no room to fly, but behind it pretty much the entire middle part is open.

This is the first time I've ever set up a bird cage, so I'm definitely going to be making some changes over time (like removing some of the toys and perches if they become a problem).

The cage is listed as 30"x20"x20" (although I think the height is a little less than 20", because of the bottom tray area) with 1/2" bar spacing. I'm currently using safety pins to lock the doors but I will be replacing them with something safer as soon as I can.

This cage will be for one australian/american budgie.
What do you all think? Any major improvements needed?