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Default Weird Budgie droppings

We just got a new budgie named Skip about 4 days ago.
We got him from the same owners (breeders) that we got our older budgie from, Salvador.
Salvador is completely healthy and always was.
When we first put Skip in his cage weve noticed that his droppings are a green liquid, but we thought that's ok because Salvador had the same issue when we got him and now everything is fine with him.

The problem is with Skip, now his droppings (last 2 days) are larger than normal, and look like a spiral, and they are white-cream colored.
We read online that it says there might be an infection if the budgie's droppings look like that.
Skip is eating the same food that Salvador is eating.
Seeds and millet, we also fed them with fresh carrots, cauliflower (we know it's good for budgies).
Skip is 2 months old and his past owners only feed him regular budgie seeds.

If it is actually an infection, we don't have the option to go to the vet because in our country and city there is no such a thing as a vet for small animals, only for dogs and cats and such.

There is something that we could do at home that would make him better? Some type of food that could kill the infection?
How could I even know it's an infection?
Please don't advice a vet, that option isn't available at all.
He drops every 20 minutes.