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Default Cage for new English Budgie

I posted in determining gender. Bird is coming Monday. Here is photos of cage (former home of my cockatiel that recently passed on) and the set-up for the english budgie.

Zoo Med Avian Sun Deluxe Floor Lamp w/ 26W Zoo Med Avian Sun 5.0 bulb.
(on timer to go on for 1 hour a day around sun-up)
HQ Victorian Cage. Interior size 27L X 17.5W X 32H.
Will be feeding Higgins Vita seed (used by breeder) and gradually switch to Volkman (1 1/2-2 teaspoons per day), and Roudybush pellets. In addition veggies, grains, egg, some fruit etc. (all the other healthy things).
There is a water tube and a Lixit water bottle next to it. I will switch to water bottle only once bird learns to use it (more sanitary).
Perches of different materials and sizes, and a cuttlebone. A swing and a variety of toys.