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I would like to post an update on my budgie. We named him Rio and he is a very charming fellow. Well in the morning he can get quite noisy . He talks with us all the time. Chrips most of the time but also screeches sometimes with some very odd high pitch "calls".

He is still a bit afraid of our presence - if we are too close to the cage. Especially of " the hand ".

However, we did make some nice progress in the past few days. I have removed his seed box and tried to feed him seeds myself. I put my hand in the cage every 30minutes to see if he will start to eat. After a few hours of stuborness, he started to trust a bit "the hand". But I still see he doesnt fully trust me - he reaches very slowly for the seeds in a mechanical kind of way but when he starts to eat, oh boy, he doesnt stop. I feed him like that 4 times a day. Whenever I am not at home I still give him his seed box.

I have to mention his behaviour has changed a bit since he started to hand feed. He is not that annoyingly noisy anymore.

Hopefully I will be able to teach him to hop on the finger in the near future.

He still was not let out of the cage. Should we let him out a bit?