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Thanks for the Response golden wing. I'm just so unbelievably upset over this. Staying home isn't really an option at all, I have my whole family coming from two states to MY rental that I'm hosting for this... Kiwi is just pitiful looking, all disheveled and fluffed, and napping a lot, but he has been through the ringer apparently.. I just can't believe what a jerk Apple has turned out to be! I really do not think he was sick to begin with, if he is sick now it is from being stressed out.. not something that would spread??.. I think he got the crap beat out of him the other night... then got put back in with us not realizing we were putting him back in with a total bully!!!! .. then got beat up a second time. .. He is eating and drinking, but napping a lot, but he is sitting up high in the aviary and he makes sweet little chatter noises at me when I talk to him...

So I guess I'm trying to understand, what do you think would be less stressful for him... to leave him in his big aviary with ollie and Mozie, where he is familiar with his surroundings? they all seem to be getting along fine... in fact all three are bunched together quiet right now I've put on some soothing music in here and they all seem to like it!.... or put him in a third cage all alone?.. (the thought of catching him again is very stressful to me, since they are not tame they all just go crazy when they see us coming in to get them... that seems like that would be stressful) OR put him in a small cage, cover him and drive him to a friends that can keep watch, not that she could really do much for him..(but that seems stressful too again, catching him and moving him when he is stressed out to a place he doesn't know alone) I called the vet here, they were truly useless, I knew more than they did.