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Default Thank you!

Thank you JRS! .. I did just that a few minutes ago. fortunately we had 3 cages. Apple has a big one to himself next to the big aviary and he is a little perturbed I think..but I went and bought him new toys.. Kiwi, Is snuggled in the smaller one but we have the heating pad under and heating blanket over 3/4 of it right now .. and even though he is a bit fluffed, he is not AS fluffed, he is chattering occasionally and eating like a PIG!.. bless him. but he seems calm and happy.... the two lovers Ollie and Mozie are making out and preening non stop. I think SHE seems MUCH happier and while there is some chatter going on my goodness it is so much quieter in here.. that cage has always been SO NOISY, but I think it now it was because Apple was in there causing ruckus and we just didn't realize what was going on. ..

I feel much more at ease about leaving, we will see how KIWI is in the morning but EVERYONE including Mom and Dad (myself and husband) are much more relaxed. .My Teenage kids will come home on Thursday so they can check in on them and turn on soft music etc so they don't feel alone.... Just not sure what we are going to do when I get back, we had this incredibly beautiful aviary made out of a large amoire for them.. . all these cages everywhere kinda ruining it LOL. but hey..I guess I'll just need more BEAutiful ones. ... Do I ever put them back together or is this how it will be forever?... I think Kiwi may need to be on his own but in their company,.. but poor Apple.. he just wants a girlfriend..