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Default Will not covering the cage effect my budgies health?

Ages ago I moved my budgies into a bigger cage, I can't remember when but they've been in his big cage for most of their time with me. Since getting this big cage I've had trouble covering it, I'm not tall enough but I managed because I've been told I have to cover them and I want whats best for my pair. They've never liked being covered, even while in the small cage, they flap around and panic, and when I take off the cover they don't really like it either. Today I had to move the cage onto a different stand, the only thing I had is taller than the old stand so now the cage is a few inches higher. To cover them up I had to use a step-ladder and they really didn't appreciate it, and I'm not surprised.
I am going to ask my parents for a shorter stand, but till then I don't want to step up the ladder on a daily basis and freak my birds out.
I have left them uncovered before accidentally, usually because I've passed out at my desk doing college work, and they seemed fine.

Will leaving the cover off at night while I wait for a shorter stand effect their health?