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Default Listless Budgie - should I get a buddy?

I had a budgie who was my best buddy and when I rescued a lost cockatiel they both became kind of feral. Now I've got the cockatiel trained but the budgie is like a different person (or to put it more accurately, doesn't even feel like a person anymore, lacking so much in personality). I think he feels like the third wheel.

A few people suggested getting another bird.

Do you think getting a budgie friend will improve things or just divide my time further?

Potential positives:
-budgies will be lovely playful selves
-budgie/s will (maybe) leave the cockatiel alone because have each other?
-budgie will not be sad when I take cockatiel places
-cockatiel will (maybe) not scream when I take one budgie away?

Potential negatives:
-solving the problem by repeating what started it? (getting another bird)
-budgies could team up on cockatiel
-cockatiel may be upset it doesn't have its own same-species buddy
-two budgies could not get along at all, then I have 3 birds that don't get along.

Someone suggested getting another cockatiel but...
-cockatiel seems to think he's human so not sure that would help
-then I'd have 2 of the bird species I like less

I sometimes think if the cockatiel was a baby instead of a rescue I'd like him more because he wouldn't be so skittish even in his friendliest moments but that's another story.