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Default Hei Hei & Maui (mutation/breeding questions)

These are my two birds, Maui & Hei Hei (named by my daughter after she watched Moana). They are almost two years old and I noticed that the female (Hei Hei) had laid eggs on the bottom of the cage. They were non viable and when she got sick of sitting on them I took them out. However she decided to try again in their coconut and currently has four eggs. I have not checked to see if they are viable yet. She is currently sitting on them.
After this set (whether they hatch or not) I will take the coconut out and rearrange their cage. I donít want to have to split them up because they are bonded and I donít think they would handle it well.
My questions are;
1. What can I do to prevent breeding besides separating them (& rearranging the cage which I intend to do)?
2. Any tips on taking care of baby budgies (if they are viable eggs)?
3. What are their mutations? Iím quite curious about this as I didnít know that this was a thing. ?
Will their babies then be some combo between normal and yellow/green?

Thank you in advance! ???