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Default Male Budgie Constantly Annoys Female

I had a male budgie for a year. He was starting to get lonely so i bought a young female budgie. I had them separated at first and then let them together when the male showed interest in the female. They appeared to be getting along fine.

Present Issue
So now, idk whether I am noticing this now or whether it had gotten worse a few days ago. It has been a few days and the male simply won't let the female breathe. I mean, he's constantly trying to budgie kiss the female. She doesn't seem to like it and occasionally bites back. The male preens himself and won't even let the female preen herself. As soon as she starts to preen herself, the male bugs her again. This happens the whole day. He follows her everywhere. If she goes to the floor of the cage to eat food, he follows her and does the same thing. He doesn't let her eat in peace (even though they have separate bowls of food and water.

What I Tried
I took out the male from the cage. He constantly tries to find his way back in. When the female starts to eat or preen, the male gets all fluffed up and constantly chirps as if wanting to get it.

What should I do? Should I separate them and get different cages? Or is this a hormonal, mating behavior of some kind of the male?

I would really love to hear some input!